This is a collection of various online resources relevant to our lab’s research and educational interests.

  • XPP simulation files and notes to accompany the following paper:
    RJ Butera, “Multirhythmic Bursting”, Chaos (1998) 8:274-284.
  • Computer animation of single neuron bursting (Quicktime) to accompany the following paper:
    RJ Butera, J Rinzel, and JC Smith, “Models of respiratory rhythm generation in the pre-Botzinger complex: I. Bursting pacemaker neurons. Journal of Neurophysiology (1999) 82:382-397.
  • Introduction to the origin of biopotentials 56.4 Mb AVI movie. Developed by Matt Flagg, an undergraduate Computer Science major.
  • catabf-1.0.tgz CATABF – a UNIX command line program for writing the channels of an Axon Instruments’ .abf file to stdout. Also can output raw integer ADC data and print file info (channel names, units, sampling rate, file length). Currently only supports ClampEx 8.X (header format 1.65), may work on versions 6 and 7. Tested so far on Mac OSX, Sun Solaris, and Intel/Linux.
  • XPP simulation file to accompany the following paper:
    N Toporikova and RJ Butera, “Two types of independent bursting mechanisms in inspiratory neurons: an integrative model”, Journal of Computational Neuroscience (2010) EPub Sept 14, 2010. doi: 10.1007/s10827-010-0274-z