Rehman Ali accepted to Stanford PhD Program

Congratulations to Rehman Ali, a BME undergraduate alumni of the lab, for his acceptance to the Stanford PhD program in Electrical Engineering!


Liangyu Tao receives President’s Undergraduate Research Travel Award

Liangu Tao, an undergraduate BME student in the lab, has received a Georgia Tech President’s Undergraduate Research Award to support travel to present a poster at the Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium, to be held April 13-14, 2017, in Minneapolis.  His poster info is below:

Modeling Dynamic Oscillations in Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subcallosal Cingulate
Liangyu Tao1, Vineet Tiruvadi1,2, Rehman Ali3, Helen Mayberg2, Robert Butera1
1. Georgia Institute of Technology, USA; 2. Emory University, USA; 3. Stanford University, USA

Yogi Patel wins Bioengineering “Best Paper Award”

Yogi Patel has won the Georgia Tech Bioengineering Graduate Program’s Best Paper award!  Congratulations Yogi!

This is for the paper “Kilohertz frequency nerve block enhances anti-inflammatory effects of vagus nerve stimulation” published in Scientific Reports at




Yogi Patel published in Scientific Reports – novel vagal modulation of inflammatory responses

This paper, in collaboration with the Bellamkonda lab (now at Duke, formerly at GT) was published today.

Yogi Patel, Tarun Saxena, Ravi Bellamkonda, and Robert Butera. “Kilohertz frequency nerve block enhances anti-inflammatory effects of vagus nerve stimulation.” Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 39810 (2017) doi:10.1038/srep39810

Open Access!  Click above.

Read a Georgia Tech News story about our work.


Yogi Patel wins Neurovations Award at Neuromodulation: The Science

Yogi Patel and Torun Saxena (Bellamkonda lab) presented a poster (below) at the conference Neuromodulation: The Science, held May 25-29, 2016 in San Francisco.

The top 3 posters were selected for the Neurovations Award for Best Poster, and they won 2nd place.  Congratulations!

Paired stimulation and kilohertz electrical nerve block enhance anti-inflammatory effects of vagus nerve stimulation. Authors: Yogi Patel, Torun Saxena, Ravi Bellamkonda, Robert Butera.