Liangyu Tao presents poster at Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium

Lianyu Tao, an undergraduate BME major, presented the following poster at the Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium Apr 13-14.  This work is in collaboration with Helen Mayberg at Emory University, and also involves Rehman Ali (now a PhD student at Stanford, formerly a GT BME undergrad), and Vineet Tiruvadi (an MD/PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University).

Modeling Dynamic Oscillations in Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subcallosal Cingulate
Liangyu Tao1, Vineet Tiruvadi1,2, Rehman Ali3, Helen Mayberg2, Robert Butera1
1. Georgia Institute of Technology, USA; 2. Emory University, USA; 3. Stanford University, USA