Join the Lab

Note: We do not anticipate recruiting new lab members during the entirety of the 2022 calendar year. The information below is for general background but we will not respond to requests from high school, undergraduate, and graduate students unless time permits.

High School Students. We receive more inquiries from high school students than we can possibly accommodate.   Please log your interest at this web site, mention our lab, and if we have an opening for a high school student we will contact you.

Undergraduates often email asking about how to join the lab – we receive 100+ such requests every year.  We prefer students who are earlier in their academic career (freshmen or sophomore) and have established excellent time management skills.  We look for students who are inquisitive, focused, self-directed, and can maintain a reliable schedule throughout the semester.  If interested, please download and complete this questionnaire and email it to   Please understand that due to the large volume of inquiries, we cannot accommodate everyone who asks.  When we do, we try to match student interests with open projects, and we look through recent student inquiries.

Graduate Student advice.  I will answer questions about my research, time permitting — please understand I receive 100+ inquiries per year.  Students in my lab come from the PhD programs in Bioengineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering.  I have also had Neuroscience (Emory) and Applied Physiology (Georgia Tech) students do lab rotations.  I am more likely to give you a positive response if it is clear you are familiar with my lab’s current research and your skills are a good match.  A thoughtfully written email from someone who has clearly read some of our recent work is much more likely to elicit a response.

Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholars.  If a postdoc opening is available, I will advertise for it, including on this page.  Visiting scholars (those not seeking employment, with independent financial support) and faculty on sabbatical are free to contact me for possible research collaborations.  Shared mutual interest is important in such situations.